Summit Leadership Team

  • John Bell

    Head Deacon

    John was born in Connecticut and was raised in Maine. He worked on the family dairy farm for the first 25 years of his life. He married his high school sweetheart shortly after graduating and started a family. John is now a business owner / contractor and enjoys working in the community in a variety of ways. John has three children. He and his wife Amy own a home in Farmington. John came to know Jesus as a teenager and has been committed to serving Him both as a leader in his home and in his church family. 

  • Jami Enman

    Deacon & Treasurer

    Jami Enman is the Treasurer at Summit Faith Community. Jami was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a little girl. When she was 18 years old, she rededicated her life to Christ and fully embraced what it meant to be a child of God and an active part in God's kingdom.

    Shortly after rededicating her life to Christ, she married her husband, Zachary Enman. They have been married for 8 years and share a home in Farmington with three energetic, fun loving children; Dean Noah and Anne.

    Before settling down as a stay at home "Mama", she worked in many different fields including customer service and finance. Jami enjoys working with and meeting new people. She now spends much of her time homesteading and learning new ways to live a sustainable lifestyle with the resources she has.

    Recently, she was asked to be a "power mom" through SNAP and WMCA. She is using many of her skills to teach and encourage others. Jami is excited to see where God will lead her to serve next. 

  • Kylie Goding

    Women's Ministry & Sunday School Director

    Kylie is the Women's Ministry & Sunday School Director at Summit. She grew up in a Catholic home and experienced the love and grace of God, but didn’t fully commit her life to Christ until her early 20’s shortly before meeting her husband Ryan. Kylie studied secondary education with a focus on English at the University of Maine in Farmington. She worked for several years in the behavioral health field before choosing to become a stay at home mom after the birth of their third child. She now spends much of her time focused on raising Eve, Celia, and Josiah to follow Christ. She also plays a vital role in establishing and supporting the various ministries at Summit. Kylie enjoys gardening, knitting, sewing, painting, and outdoor activities.

  • Ryan Goding


    Ryan was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church in 2007. By the Summer of 2008 Ryan and his family had moved to Farmington to plant Summit Faith Community. In addition to his ministry in the church, Ryan is also the founder of Anchor New England, a non-profit apologetics ministry focused on making the discipline of apologetics accessible to everyone. Ryan also works as a Branch Manager for a local financial institution. Ryan has a beautiful wife named Kylie who serves the Women's Ministry and Sunday School Director. He is also the proud father of three children - Eve, Celia, and Josiah. In his past time, he enjoys reading as well as outdoor activities such as kayaking, hunting & fishing.

  • Andrew Hardy


    Andrew Hardy is a deacon of Summit Faith Community, and currently lives in Farmington with his wife, Ashley, and two sons Warren and Caleb. Andrew and Ashley grew up outside the church and became members of Summit in 2013 when they were baptized. Andrew graduated from University of New Hampshire in 2009 and worked three years post-college on his family’s dairy farm before pursuing a career in law enforcement. Andrew currently is working as a Trooper for the Maine State Police out of Troop C. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, shooting, fitness training, spending time outdoors, and reading. 

  • Christine Hazard

    Nursery Director

    Christine Hazard is the Nursery Director at Summit. She grew up in a Christian home but never really started following Jesus until high school. She grew up in Maine and came to Farmington in 2004 when she began attending the University of Maine at Farmington, graduating with a bachelors in Elementary Education. She fell in love with the town and never left! She now lives here with her husband Greg and four children. Being passionate about education, Greg and Christine decided early on to homeschool their children and never looked back. This passion flows into her ministry and Christine feels and extreme privilege to be entrusted with the care of others' children each Sunday. Christine also enjoys sewing, crocheting, singing and being outside. 

  • Greg (Daddy-o) Hazard

    Music Leader & Elder

    Greg is a native of Philadelphia and has lived in Maine since 2002. He holds a B.S. of Religion from Liberty University, works in the local Farmington community and performs music across the state of Maine. Greg lives in Farmington with his wife, Christine and their five children. Greg has been affiliated with Summit Faith Community since its inception and continues to serve weekly as Summit's Worship Leader. 

  • Dan Hutchins


    Daniel Hutchins was born in Farmington and from an early age was raised in a Christian home, schooled in a Christian environment, attended church three times a week, but only came to actually know Jesus as an eighteen year old. Years passed before Dan was awakened to what a victorious life in Christ could be, and by the Grace of God he continues to understand better day by day. God has brought many people into Dan's life over the course of the last twenty years who have pointed him to Jesus, and he has a desire to be that instrument for others.

    He and his wife Marlene were married in 2000 and have four children; Colin, Carolyn, Nathaniel, and Evangeline. Marlene has been a spring of blessing in his life and daily incarnates the love and grace of God.

    Outside of spending time with his family, Dan enjoys reading, listening to an eclectic spectrum of music, and sharing those passions with others. 

  • Marlene Hutchins


    Marlene grew up in church and heard the gospel from a very young age. She attended Christian school and was constantly instructed with biblical teaching. She made several "professions" of salvation as a young girl, but never truly understood her need for Jesus' grace and forgiveness until her senior year in high school. Being the oldest of six children, she was instructed and encouraged from an early age to serve others. However, it wasn't until after salvation that she could look back on her childhood and see the Lord preparing her to serve Him and others with her life. Whether helping her family, cleaning, or volunteering at her church or school, it seemed she was always thrust into areas where she needed to lend a hand. She continues to find ways to serve, and truly feels satisfied knowing that she is using her gifts to bless the body of Christ, as well as building relationships with her surrounding community. Marlene married Dan Hutchins, her childhood friend, in 2000. They have 4 beautiful children, Colin, Carolyn, Nathaniel, and Evangeline. She and Dan are striving to raise children who will dedicate and serve the Lord with their lives.