Bible Studies

At Summit, we are very focused on encouraging people to connect in smaller groups. It's all about community. We offer family studies, men's groups and women's groups. Each study is specially tailored to speak to the particular concerns facing the group. Please feel free to contact us for more detail.

Community Potluck

We believe in community! We believe in community so much that it is something which we intentionally practice on a regular basis. We understand "church" to be much more than a building. The Church is the people of God. For us at Summit we want to cultivate meaningful relationships which impact every area of our lives. The only way we can successfully do this is through spending time together. The first Sunday of each month, Summit enjoys a special communion service where the Lord's Supper is offered. Following the service, we gather at someone's home to enjoy a community meal. We encourage a different family / individual to host the meal each month. This setting provides a great opportunity for us to connect and to really be involved in each other's lives. This community potluck is open to anyone who wishes to attend.